We are pleased to offer you Medical treatments in Costa Rica for a fraction of what you would pay at home. We work with the best hospitals and medical service providers in Costa Rica and our providers all have the internationally recognized “ Joint Commission” approval. 


We can help you to make arrangements with appropriate medical providers and also arrange any needed hotel accommodations along with anything else you may want to do while you are in our country. Our service can include all necessary land or air transportation within the country. We can also arrange for emergency ambulance service, twenty four hours a day, by land or air anywhere within the country with professional medical attention at all times. We will meet you upon your arrival at the airport and also provide transportation back to the airport for your return flight.


We can also take you through any post treatment care or recovery that you require. During your recovery if you wish to visit some of our world famous tourist attractions, we can arrange that for you as well.

Costa Rica is one of the top five destinations for Medical tourism. Medical tourism is also called by many other terms, such as medical travel, health travel, medical vacation, health tourism, global healthcare, offshore Medical, and others. But regardless of what you call it, medical tourism is the practice of traveling to another country in order to receive medical procedures, which will cost significantly less than you would pay in the USA, the UK, Germany and many other countries.


Medical tourism is not new. It has existed for many years. According to a study by Deloitte Consulting, some 750,000 Americans traveled abroad in 2007 for medical and dental treatments. That number is expected to skyrocket to 6 million by 2010. But thanks to Internet technology and more affordable international travel, more people are becoming aware of medical tourism as a viable option for affordable health services.

Costa Rica has one of the best health care systems in Latin America. Recognized for our high level hospitals and doctors, many of whom boast U.S. medical school degrees – Costa Rica is a prime destination for medical tourism with an estimated 90 percent coming from the United States. The World Health organization gives high marks to the quality of medical care in Costa Rica, actually rating it higher than the United States. So rest assured that the services that you will receive, meet or exceed USA standards.


Located in Central America, Costa Rica is one of the best places in the world to experience a temperate tropical climate. It is mostly coastline offering unlimited miles of beautiful beaches with excellent sport fishing, water sports, or just relaxing in the glow of a breathtaking sunset. It is an easily accessible, peaceful country with a relatively high standard of living. We are a democratic system without the assistance of a military; having been the first country in the world to constitutionally abolish our military.  Spanish is the official language of Costa Rica. English is the second language and is widely spoken.

Costa Rica’s state of the art health facilities, low cost of living and the strong value of the US dollar in relation to the country’s currency means high quality medical services cost much less here than in the US. Every year, thousands of US citizens take advantage of the low cost procedures and the high level of quality care provided by Costa Rica’s cosmetic surgeons and dentists. Several internationally recognized private Costa Rican hospitals are currently expanding to make more room for travelers seeking medical treatments. Hospital La Catolica, bought in 2006 by a private company, averages more than 70 health tourists a month. 


A patient in Costa Rica will often spend a few days sightseeing and have lab work done, undergo the planned treatment and while recuperating, spend some time enjoying our tropical rainforests or beautiful beaches. A number of world-class health spas are also a favorite choice for relaxing during recovery after your treatment.

There are several very good reasons why people travel to a foreign country to receive medical care other than the opportunity to travel to an exotic destination while realizing significant savings for healthcare. For many patients it is the best way to get needed medical treatments without wiping out their life-savings. As long as you are able to travel, you can reap benefits from the advantages of medical tourism.


Over 71 percent of hospital costs are labor related, according to a recent World Health Organization report, which helps to explain some of the cost advantages for countries with low labor costs. Fees in the USA are driven by labor overhead, administrative expenses, litigation and insurance contracts.

Every year more people are discovering that is possible to receive quality professional medical treatments – from heart surgery, hip replacements and stem cell implants to dental work. You can purchase a plane ticket, and pay for all the medical expenses including a hotel and still realize very significant savings. Our medical providers try to eliminate wait times, at the same time that they provide a high level of care. 


In the past, medical tourism was largely a choice for those seeking cosmetic surgery. But over the past several years, more people are discovering they can obtain medical  procedures here for a fraction of the cost they would pay at home. For those who don’t have insurance it is often the only way they can afford these procedures. Some people choose Costa Rica for their medical care because of the immediate availability of procedures and the sometimes unavailability of certain procedures at home.


About 45 million Americans, 16% of the population, are uninsured. These individuals, many of which are self-employed, frequently find themselves dipping into their hard-earned savings to finance their medical care. Medical illness can often be a financial nightmare leading to bankruptcy. According to a Harvard study, half of all personal bankruptcies are related to medical expenses.

A medical vacation can also be fun. Most of us need medical treatment from time to time, and most of us also plan vacations every year or so. So why not combine the two into a medical vacation that provides you with the medical procedure you need, in a great place to relax and recuperate and still keep more money in your pocket?  Imagine recuperating after surgery or dental work on a white sandy beach, sipping tropical drinks and receiving a full-body massage. Your medical bills, airfare, and accommodations will likely end up costing less than whatever deductibles and charges you would pay at home.


Why pay exorbitant inflated prices when you can travel abroad and receive the same treatment from a fully certified medical facility for a fraction of the cost? Until countries like the US, Japan, and France implement aggressive strategies to lower prices and reduce waiting times, medical tourism industry will continue to flourish.


If you have difficulty affording health care in your home country because you lack insurance, your insurance company won’t cover the cost, or you are on a long waiting list, you owe it to yourself to consider Costa Rica for your medical or dental procedures.

Dental Tourism


One of the more popular reasons people come to Costa Rica is to receive quality and professional dental treatments. Any and all dental treatments that you may require are available here by professionally trained Dentists who have the internationally recognized “ Joint Commission” approval.


Medical Treatments


Following is only a partial list of some of the medical treatments that are available. If you are in need of something that does not appear on this list, just let us know.


All kind of Spa treatments

Plastic surgery

Breast implants




Bypass gastric


Abdominoplasty ( Tummy tuck )

Botox, peeling or filling treatments.

Surgery in all categories for eyes, ears, orthopedic, cancer treatments, heart and more.


Early detection of infectious diseases, cancer, tumors


Stem cell implants


Anti-aging medicine, including complete testing and evaluation including:


Complete ultrasound of the abdominal area,


All radiology to diagnose or treat disease, such as ultrasound, computed tomography (CT), chemotherapy and Radiation oncology, positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), Hyperbaric medicine, also known as Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT) treatment and procedures.


Complete blood profiles and all associative testing.


Electrocardiograms and all testing associated with examination and diagnosis of heart disease.






Sports medicine: including all treatments needed by professional athletes to prevent or cure any physical problem related to any sports activity

All other diagnostic and preventative procedures and treatments.


Our specialists will tailor a medical program to improve the quality of life for every patient.


Recovery Facilities


There are excellent recovery facilities in Costa Rica. Your recuperation time will be much shorter when you spend that time being pampered and having your every wish and comfort attended to in the many three, four and five star hotels and resort spas located here. Your mind will be at ease with easy access to your doctor and hospitals and our temperate year-round climate.

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How to get started

Contact us by phone or by email to begin the process for your medical treatment or for more information. Explain to us your medical needs and within 24 to 48 hours we will provide you with preliminary information that will explain the next steps and an approximate estimate of the cost. 

The exact price will be provided after you have been examined by the pertinent medical specialist.
Payment can be made with any major credit or debit card, bank wire or any international medical insurance plan.

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