The economic impact of Sports travel


Major sporting events like the FIFA’s World Cup or the Summer or Winter Olympic Games make a big impression on the lives – and pulse-rates – of sports fans.   However, these occasions can also have a wider economic impact that goes on beyond the competitions.


Major Sporting events and the sports travel related to competitions is shown to have a positive impact on the economy of the city, region or country where the activities take place. This is affirmed by many economic researchers and sports and travel Industry experts.

Sport tourists spend a lot of money with host families, and at the local hotels, bars, shops, and restaurants. Locals also benefit from the permanent sport venues that were built for the competitions and will be available for other future events, plus the improvements made to roads, airports, and other public transportation means.  And there is also the building of the new public infrastructure such as the stadiums, gyms, and accommodations for the athletes.  These generate new jobs for the local residents and therefore have a positive impact on the local and national economies.


Researchers also report that Sports travelers spend much more money than a regular tourist in the city they are visiting – about a 30% more - which makes sports travelers desirable for the local economic and tourism authorities.

Another important factor to major sporting events is the Sports book industry.  Both the “mortar and brick” as well as online sports book agencies, result in an important increase in “bookings” for the days when the events are taking place.  This means more people hired to work in the sports book agencies besides in the local hotels, restaurants, etc,  that also means more money in the pockets of these workers, and more sports fans in front of the TV watching the events and betting their money online.


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