Thank You!


Dear Clients, Partners, and Friends of MERCY TRAVEL.


October 1st of 2017 is a special day for us because it marks our 15th anniversary in business, and we are very proud of this achievement.


When we started this company in 2002, our vision from the beginning was to become a respected name in the travel industry as a first class provider of travel service and now, fifteen years later, we can say proudly that we have achieved our vision.  


However, as with almost everything in life, through these 15 years we have had many happy and successful moments. But we also had our share of sad times, like when we lost dear Alexander, a member of our team, in an unexpected car accident.  And challenging times when business slowed or people tried to damage our reputation or the positive friendly environment that is normally in our offices. 


We are proud to say that we have had the strength to move forward and leave the hard times behind and enjoy the good times.  We learned that challenges make you stronger, just as iron becomes steel when it goes through fire.


So as the CEO of this company, I now say “Thank God or thanks to the invisible force that moves in the universe” – whatever is your belief system - for helping us get to this important date in the life of this company and all the people who work here.


I now want to send a special “Thank You” to the following individuals, clients, and business partners who have played a special role in the success achieved by this company, and without them certainly this achievement would not have been possible.


A Special “Thank You!” to:       





Especially to Suzanne Watts, Paula Sinclair, Susan Jones, Angela Ziebol, Lizy Ramos, Alexandria Banks, Leonardo Sandi, Fabrizio Poletti, Franco Rosini, Lionel Hiero, Jordana Silva, Elena Sandi, Eric Poli, Marcela and Oscar Cordero, Maria Herrera, Carmen Barilla, Pauline Johanson, Carlos and  Zahida Mena, the staff in the legal department, between others. 


Many have been part of our work team for years, and I feel so proud to call them “friends” and not “work partners” And of course, a special greeting to our dear Alexander Sandi in heaven. We miss you every day, and send you now thousands of kisses from here.





Especially to Stuart Reynolds, Melvin Shorter, Darrell Cock, Felipe Mationg, Larry and Purita Beamsley, Jonathan Fant, Suzanne Delisle, Clark Orwick, Miles Mitchinson, Daniel Clarke, James Languill, Gary, Mary, and Samantha Ellis, Llewellyn and Cori Giles, Ronald and Frances Meyer, Eleanor Palacios, Debbie Reuben, Gina Zivkovic, Lorenzo Pirani, Valeria Busin, Joseph Garza, Christina Olds, Sarah Coulson, Peter Engels & David Raskoskie, Matthew Detloff at the Crimson High School in Minneapolis, the Costa Rica’s women rafting team, between others. 





Especially to PayPal Inc, Banco Nacional, Payoneer Inc, BAC International Bank, Banco BCR, The L-Project Los Angeles, The Casa Cupula Resort, The Vista Ballena Hotel, Hard The Rock Hotel Vallarta, The Camara de Comercio GLBT Mexico, The Eden Roc Cap Cana Resort, The Club del Mar Resort, Hacienda Pinilla Beach & Golf Resort, Hacienda Buena Vista, EcoTrans, The Hospital La Catolica, Carrillo Adventures, Shuttle OSA, Desafio Adventures, Grayline Tours, Interbus, Volcano Travel, Wave Rafting & Expeditions, Vallarta Superior Tours, The Titi Canopy Tour, Iguana Tours, Expediciones Tropicales, Mid World Adventures, The Teleton Canina organization, The Villa Creole Hotel, Hotel Ilan-Ilan Tortuguero, Laguna Tortuguero Lodge, The Arenal Springs Resort, Sunset Sails Tours, Penache Sailing, Marlin del Rey Sailing, Tamarindo Shuttle & Tours, Eagle Tours, Sunset Tours Arenal, VIP Transfers by Luis Carlos Sandi, USAVE Car Rental, Europcar, Pegasus Car Rental, Harper Car Rental, Toyota Rent a Car, The Paula Rosales Host Family, The Teodora Carrillo Host Family, The Bosh Host Family, The Oliver Host Family, The Katty Arrieta Host Family, The Cecilia Jimenez Host Family, The Aida Guillen Host Family, Costa Rica Luxury Rentals, Backare Rentals New Zealand, Hotel Mirante Brazil, Best Western Hotels, Hotel Barcelo Tambor beach, Bahia Aventuras Uvita, Hotel Brilla Sol, The Villa Roca Hotel, Hotel Karahe, Hotel Villa Lapas, Hotel Mono Loco, Hotel Rembrandt Amsterdam, Hotel de las Letras Madrid, The Axel Hotel Barcelona, Hotel El Sid Sitges, Rainbow Tours Barcelona, Madrid Sensation Tours, Hotel San Bada, Amsterdam VIP Services, ABC  Events, Agencia Televentur, Arenal Paraiso Resort, Hotel El Establo Monteverde, Sky Adventures, Hotel El Viandante, Hotel Monte Real, Detours Travel, Wander Travel, A&E Vacations, Hotel Suria, Savegre Lodge, Trogon Lodge, Hotel La Fortuna, Flamingo Beach Resort, Finca Margot, Water Beach Hotel San Juan , Vic Tours, Cuchi Tours, Cahuita Tours, NOW Resorts Punta Cana, Secrets Royal Beach Resort,  Bella Vista B&B St. Thomas, Lakeview Travel, The Toscana Inn Hotel Panama, La Paz Waterfall Gardens, The Peace Lodge, Hotel Buena Vista, Tabacon Resort, Hotel Santo Thomas, Hotel KC San Jose, Hotel Villas Colibri, La Paz Waterfall Gardens, Doka Estate Coffee Tour, Mi Cafecito Coffee Tour, Finca Don Juan Arenal, Asociacion de Voluntarios ASVO, Luna Travel Panama, Success Panama Tours, Geo Tours Nicaragua, Agencia Guatemala Destinations, Amazing Vacation Homes Florida, AIC Travel Group, DnA Travels, US Airways, American Airlines, DELTA Airlines, UNITED Airlines, Condor Airlines, Nature Air, Orbitz Inc, Callture communications, Dahbura & Associates, JARS IT Services, Yahoo Inc, WIX Inc, GoDaddy Inc, between others . 


From the bottom of our hearts, we send thanks to all the above listed people. And we are sorry for the people We forgot to mention in this letter, but they were there when we needed them.


The last but not less important, I want to say it loud to all our clients, partners and friends around the world - that you can be sure we will keep on working in the same way or even better in the future.  And we are pretty sure and believe it in our hearts - that the best from us is on the way to you, and the best for us is yet to come.


We love you all, and we are counting on you to continue writing the wonderful story of this company. 














Franco Ricci