Famous and historical casinos in Australia



Visiting a casino has never been more popular.  With the chance to dress up and place a few bets, while sipping on cocktails and enjoying some musical entertainment.   Going to a casino is an all-round experience.  Even with the rise in online Casino websites for those who love the convenience and ease of being able to access a casino simply from their mobile phone or home computer, the number of people who visit casino destinations every year such as Las Vegas, hasn't waned.

One of the most popular casino destinations has always been Australia, with its contrast of modern casino's often in beautiful historical buildings.  People visit casino's like The Adelaide Casino to enjoy the experience and also take in the historical surroundings.  The Adelaide casino was once "The Adelaide Railway Station", which was the first railway station in Adelaide, first opened in 1856.  The casino is located on the north edge of the city centre and has 90 gaming tables, 950 gaming machines and provides lots of restaurants and bars to cater to its many visitors.

It is still partly used as a railway station, with free tram and bus service to the rest of the city centre and nine platforms still in operation, although trains usually either leave from here or terminate here.  It only had one track when it first opened in 1856 and went on to have many more built over the years.  From 1922 onwards, architects Garlick and Jackman successfully revamped the station and created a new look - a neo-classical railway station with lots of facilities such as refreshment rooms, a hairdressers, a very beautiful waiting room, and  the domed ‘Marble hall’ which is now a part of the Adelaide casino. In 1985, the building was refurbished again with the interior being converted into a casino and hotel amongst other new developments.  The platforms were also reduced.

5 Great Reasons to Stay in a Costa Rica Vacation Rental


By Matt Smolsky

La Paz Waterfall Gardens

While hotels, resorts and vacation rentals each have their own advantages, vacation rentals offer a level of privacy, flexibility and a personal touch that simply can't be matched by any other type of lodging.  When you stay in a Costa Rica vacation rental, you'll feel at home in a wonderful accommodation located in a beautiful location.


Here are 5 reasons why you should stay in a  VIP Costa Rica vacation rentals

More Value for Your Vacation Dollar


When you stay in a vacation rental, you'll have the amenities, space and privacy that suit your needs. Imagine waking up to your very own private hot tub, pool and beach access. Many vacation rentals have all three, as well as game rooms, fantastic views and all the space you'll need. As an added bonus, these amenities are private, and you can use them whenever you choose.


Your Home in Paradise


You've probably wondered what it would be like to live where you're vacationing. With a Costa Rica vacation rental, you'll have a home away from home in paradise, whether it's a luxurious mansion or cozy bungalow. Before you know it, you'll feel like a local--you'll know the best places to shop, where to enjoy a meal out, how to avoid crowds. In fact, many people use vacation rentals when they're deciding where to purchase second homes.

Cuadro de texto: Keep Everyone Happy

Vacation rentals and group travel go hand in hand.  They make it easy for everyone to share the costs. Or, if you're paying for the trip, you can more easily control costs (no unexpected room service charges, for example).  You'll have a kitchen, so people with special dietary needs can cook what they like.  You can use the facilities (pool, hot tubs, game rooms) as late as you like, with the added benefit of privacy.  Even though the largest vacation rentals will have limits on the number of people allowed as guests, you won't be charged extra unless you exceed that number. If you have fewer than allowed, then you'll have the bonus of extra space.  If children are present, you'll find it much easier to keep track of their whereabouts in a vacation rental than in a hotel or resort (and the added security that comes with living in a private home).  When it comes to traveling with groups of any size, vacation rentals really are win-win. 

Kitchens for Your Convenience

The beauty of having a full kitchen is that you can use it as much or as little as you choose. It's common for people to use kitchens for breakfast and snacks, while eating out for lunch and dinner.  Many people like to eat dinner in their vacation rental as well, as that tends to be the most expensive meal when dining out.  Plus, dinner is an ideal time for a large group to get together after a long day of sightseeing or other activities.  Sharing stories over a great meal, dessert and wine while you listen to the sound of wave lapping the shores is a memorable way to end a day.  A kitchen also allows you to experience local Costa Rican foods.  You can either make a fun trip to the local market for groceries, or have them delivered.  Or, if you want to spoil yourself a bit, you can arrange to have a private chef come to your vacation rental and cook you a delicious, exclusive meal.

Vacation Rentals Are Destinations


Many vacation rentals are destinations all by themselves. When booking, you can select a rental that has amenities you'll use. For example, if a game room is important to you, you can find a rental with pool, ping-pong and football tables and video games. If you love to cook, you'll have a fully equipped gourmet kitchen. Many rentals offer gourmet kitchens with top of the line appliances, pots, pans and utensils. Vacation rentals are usually second homes or vacation homes, so they often have great views or are located in the most desirable areas.


Matt Smolsky is Marketing Manager at  PerfectPlaces.com, which offers more than 55,000 vacation rentals in 79 countries, including beautiful Costa Rica.

London: the world´s cultural and sporting capital


By Mercy Travel

London was founded by the Romans in the year 43 A.D.  Today, an official population of nearly 8 million people makes greater London the most populous municipality in the European Union. And with an estimated population of 13 million people, London’s metropolitan area is also the largest in the EU.
London has a diverse range of peoples and cultures, with more than 300 languages spoken.  Located on the River Thames, London is the cultural capital of the World.  It is the world's leading financial center alongside New York City, and a leader in the arts, commerce, entertainment, fashion, healthcare, and professional services.  Tourism and transport also contribute to its prominence.

The city of London features no less than four World Heritage Sites:  1) The famous Tower of London.  2)  Kew Gardens.  3) The site comprising the Palace of Westminster, which contains the houses of parliament and is home to British government,  Westminster Abbey, and St Margaret's Church.  4)  The historic settlement of Greenwich with the Royal Observatory that marks the point where Greenwich mean time began.
Forty three universities make London the most important higher education site in Europe.  It is also home to numerous museums, art galleries, and other cultural institutions including the British Museum, the National Gallery, the British Library, and the West End theatres.
Everyone visiting London checks their watch against “Big Ben” London’s famous clock face.  Other famous landmarks in the city are Buckingham Palace, which is the residence of Her Majesty the Queen.  The bright lights of Piccadilly Circus that have become London landmark.  And there is the London Eye, which is the largest ferris wheel in the world.  There is also St. Paul's Cathedral, the Tower Bridge, Trafalgar Square (often referred to as the heart of London), and the Wembley Stadium.

Cuadro de texto: London has also been the host city of many important cultural and sporting events through the centuries, such as the finale of the 1966  Soccer World Cup, the ATP Grand slam tournament at Wimbledon, the royal wedding of prince William and Kate in the Spring of 2011, and Queen Elizabeth II´s Diamond Jubilee.
As host to the 2012´s summer Olympic games, London has now become the first city to host the summer games three times.  And you won’t want to miss a trip on the High-speed rail service to Paris on Eurostar via the “Channel Tunnel” – a train ride to remember.

Heathrow is the main international airport, but several other airports also serve the London area.


Whether you wish to stay in a luxury hotel or in a less expensive hostel, the city of London offers accommodations for all tastes and budgets. 


London is one of the most beautiful and interesting places on our planet.  And it is always a good time to visit, so contact us at reservations@mercytravel.net or call our toll free line: 1-888-225-4748 for your airfare, hotel, car rental and tour bookings in London.


Touring Barcelona by air



There are various ways available to see the beautiful city of Barcelona by air.  Barcelona’s mild climate allows you to enjoy various sports and view the city at the same time.



The most adventurous way to view the city is skydiving. This involves a parachute jump from an airplane, helicopter or balloon.  The most popular method is to jump in tandem with an instructor because this way you don’t have to be experienced.


By hot-air Balloon


Another way to see Barcelona by air is in a hot-air balloon.  There are several companies that provide this service.





There is also paragliding, which is the most simple way.  You can paraglide by yourself if you have had experience with an instructor.


Barcelona has great wind and climate conditions for the different types of paragliding.

Cuadro de texto: By Helicopter

Or you can enjoy the incredible experience of viewing Barcelona from a helicopter. And you can choose flights over the Catalonian coast or longer flights. 
If you are coming to Barcelona, contact us at reservations@mercytravel.net or call our toll free line: 888-225-4748 for your airfare, hotel, car rental and tour bookings in the Condal city.

And if you are interested in visiting some gambling casinos in Australia contact Mercy Travel at  reservations@mercytravel.net or call our toll free line: 888-225-4748 for travel arrangements.

Padova, the Italian Capital of the Art & Culture
By Renzo Dalla Monta



When you hear the word Italy you immediately think about sunny plains, beautiful beaches, il calcio (Italy’s premier soccer league), the best spaguetti, pizza and wine in the world, and of course the Roman empire and their legacy to humanity.
Any region, town or village in Italy is magical, offering its own culture and history.  And the Veneto region – where the city of Padova is located – offers the most beautiful peaks of the Dolomite mountain range, some of the most beautiful nature parks in Europe, stunning beaches and other world renowned cities such as Venice and Verona.

Padova, which is also known as the city of the Frescoes, it is one of the most important Italian art capitals, with over 3,000 years of history.  The city is surrounded by eleven kilometers of walls with 5 gates and 19 bastions.  You’ll find in Padova some great art masterpieces such as “La Cappella degli Scrovegni” a work by Giotto and many unique art exhibitions such as the Guariento, Giusto de' Menabuoi, Altichiero, Donatello and Mantegna.

You will also find the Basilica of Saint Antonio, which is one of the most frequently visited churches in the world.  And the Prato della Valle, the largest public square in Italy featuring beautiful outdoor statues and the world's oldest academic garden (Il Orto Botanico), founded in 1545 and which was declared a world heritage site for the UNESCO.

Walking through the porticoes, viewing the beautiful medieval buildings and squares located in the city center it is just an amazing experience.  Another landmark in the city is the University of Padova – one of the oldest schools in Italy which was founded on 1222.   You can also enjoy an Italian style coffee accompanied with a delicious dessert at the Pedrocchi Cafe, which was opened in the first half of the 18th century and is the legendary meeting place of the best Italian and European artists including Stendhal, Lord Byron and Dario Fo.
Many old villages, ancient castles, and monasteries are around Padova and it is still the most dynamic area in the Veneto region.  Padova is also an important producer of some of the best Italian wines and olive oil.  In the countryside of Padova, are hot springs pools with waters that come from the Euganei hills (a sleeping volcano) and beautiful forests offering a variety of flora and fauna.

If you are visiting Padova, Verona, or Venice for business or leisure in the future, we recommend you  contact our friends at DMR AUTONOLEGGIO, who provides car rentals with a driver in Padova and private guided tours in all the Veneto region as well as in the surrounding cities of Bologna, Florence and Milan.
For further details and reservations, contact Renzo Dalla Monta at DMR AUTONOLEGGIO at phone  numbers: +39 049 8235866 or +39 347 2373640 or you can send him an email at
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